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Addiction Is Not for LIFE. You Can OVERCOME Addiction!

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Our Drug Rehab & Detox program has now proven that an alcoholic or a drug addict doesn’t have to fight addiction for life.

DETOX should end the physical cravings for drugs and alcohol. Incomplete Detox leaves a person with involuntary drug cravings. The truth is: Detox is rarely if ever properly done! Feel the pleasure with angela white fleshlight.

Why detox and rehab programs fail to cure addiction:

Incomplete Detox is the cause of physical drug cravings months or years later. A major cause of relapse is due to physical cravings for drugs or alcohol because detox failed to fully remove the drugs from the body. These alcoholics or addicts never wanted to use again, but physical drug cravings don’t fully disappear until drugs are completely out of the body.

At Narconon, we discovered that toxins, chemicals and street drugs lodge deep in the body tissues and remain there years later. These poisons cause general discomfort and poor health. But the drug residuals cause the cravings one experiences for months and years later.

Many drug rehab centers and detox not licensed by Narconon promise to detoxify the alcoholic or drug addict, but FAIL since they don’t rid the body of the drugs lodged deep within the body tissues. Some centers believe that full detox is not even possible! Therefore these drug rehab and detox centers declare detox is done when the person has only been dried out or the drug is not actively influencing the person.

How drug & Alcohol rehab and detox program handles cravings:

Detox is much more than drying out. Detox means to thoroughly remove the toxins (poisons) from a body. Detox is a major first step in a full drug and alcohol rehabilitation program. Narconon has a unique Detox Program that thoroughly removes the physical cravings for drugs and alcohol naturally and even rids the body of other toxins and chemicals. In other words, the Narconon Detox program brings one back to health and a drug free body.

This is the secret to a successful detox! How many recovering addicts or alcoholics have relapsed just when their life was beginning to get better? Physical drug cravings create unconscious desires to revert to drugs. Willpower, vitamins, herbs, cleansing, hypnotism etc. can’t fully end physical drug cravings–Only a full detox program can. But handling physical cravings alone isn’t enough to cure addiction.

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A Narconon Drug Rehab & Detox Success Story

Narconon Program Completion

“Before I came I was taking drugs and eating lots of painkillers. . . . I thought my life was great but I was bothered by the fact I had such a hard time working or going to school. I had absolutely no motivation to do those things because I felt I would just disappoint my self in the end. I came to Narconon, with some hope for direction and piece of mind. I got more than that – I got myself back. I got that freeness back that I felt as a little girl. I am so happy, clear and so charged up I can hardly explain in words the way I feel. I had been on drugs and alcohol for 10 years and my major addiction was to painkillers for a straight 8 years. I never realized how bad I was until I went through withdraw. I wanted pills so bad but, when I completed the Narconon Detox all my cravings were gone. Energy was back and my head got so clear I could sit and concentrate on a book for hours. I thought that was great and that’s all I needed but what I studied and learned after the sauna is what brought the “old me” back. What Narconon has taught me can not be replaced.

I am in complete control of myself and what I do. I feel like I am ready for whatever obstacle or objective comes my way. I owe it all to the staff at Narconon, my mom and sister for asking me to come. But most of all I owe it to myself.” N.C.

Handling addiction, Guilt and Depression After Detox

Narconon’s Detox fully removes the physical cravings for drugs and alcohol permanently! But, guilt and depression drive the addict and alcoholic back to using drugs and alcohol, just to turn-off these unbearable feelings; this is a source of mental cravings for drugs or alcohol. Addicts aren’t cured until they can confront and handle the causes of their guilt and depression.

Detox fully removes the physical drug and alcohol cravings COVERING UP the sources of the guilt and depression. Successful Detox must then be followed by a proven Rehab program which gets to the roots of why the drug addict or alcoholic is using drugs. The Narconon program accomplishes this routinely, and helps a person get back in control of their own life using new life skills.

6 Key abilities to lead a Drug-Free Life:

Drug addicts and alcoholics are found to be lacking 6 essential abilities or skills in living. The absence of these 6 essential skills in the addict has lead up to problems with life resulting in their addiction. These 6 skills are so important that if any one of the skills are missing or weak in a person, their relapse back into drug use or alcohol is likely. More importantly, people who readily employ these skills in their daily lives are successful, happy, respect their relations and are a pleasure to be around.

Detox Success Story

Narconon Program Completion

“March 27/01 I arrived at Narconon. That was 2 years ago. I was using cocaine on a daily basis. I also used Heroin. I was an addict for 5-6 years. I had gone to a place in the States and had tried to get off drugs once before. I was clean for about 7 – 8 months. I got back to using and it was worse the 2nd time around.

I was approached by my sister in-law and she told me that Narconon would be a very good place for me to go. I heard about the success rate at Narconon so I decided to give it a try. I was in a very abusive 8 year relationship. I was totally dependent on my partner who was also using at the time. After coming to Narconon, I started to see the person I once used to be before I started using. I graduated from the program in 2 months. I not only graduated and was clean, I also decided to stay and help out others for another 4 months. I always thought one day I would marry the man I stayed with for 8 years. My biggest accomplishment was getting out of my relationship. I did and I haven’t seen him for almost 2 years now.

I got a new job 2 months after I came back . . . I now manage this business. I have the best relationship with my 2 beautiful kids. I was able to be there for my daughter to buy her a Graduation Dress which meant so much for her. I have the most incredible relationship with my family. I have my life back again.

I would like to thank the most wonderful staff at Narconon Montreal, without them none of this would be possible. I would also have to say my family really helped, especially one particular person who is very close to me now. Thanks Narconon for my life back.” D.P. Narconon Graduate.

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